A first kiss, XXX

an insight into the true power of psychedelics

It’s very difficult to know what you are looking for if you don’t know where to look. 

This can be in the realm of both good and bad. 

The storytelling of the mind can become such a perfect drama that it will obscure our view of what is really there. Psychedelics can be a great tool to get new perspective. 

One of the great things of manny plant medicines is that it shuts down or redirects the mechanisms that are there to keep your current persona alive and opens up all sorts of new dimensions. 

I know I had a profound psychedelic experience! A journey that changed my perspective and stopped the evil inner dialogue, which opened me up to a feeling that I can only describe as something similar to bathing in a tub filled with pure love. Next to that it made me aware of hidden instincts and intuitions that I had ignored for years, giving me new perspectives on my self defeating old destructive mantra’s that did not serve me any longer. 

For me it was some good stuff indeed!!!! 

As you can imagine, my interest into the good stuff skyrocketed towards new heights, convinced that I found my personal holy grail towards myself. Eat this and you’ll connect to who you really are…… and he lived happily ever after. But as I discovered not much later it was much more complex than that

The psychedelic experience as I know now is in manny ways as significant and in my opinion should be treated similar as a first intimate kiss. 

Michel Geurts

Think of the first kiss that felt deliciously electric, shocking your senses towards a new high state of bliss and amazing vibrations. The kiss that overruled all fears and became the catalist that sealed the deal and started the momentum towards a wholehearted YES! A yes towards the offered adventure of an intimate relationship, traveling the world, starting a family and running naked on the beaches of Panama….. or at leats something in the vicinity of that ;-).  

Like a kiss the psychedelic experience is like a key towards something much bigger. And at the same time when not implemented properly nothing more than just a key. 

What I mean by that is that you can forget about the beaches and all the potential adventures if you remain trying to go back to where it once started. Yes you’ll discover a lot of cool new key’s, but only by experiencing life you’ll discover the doors that need to be opened. Because by always going back to the starting line, taking ceremony after ceremony you’ll kill the momentum of moving forward by always running towards the starting line. 

So please do and get your first kiss again! But I hopefully inspire you to implement it towards the delicious adventure that will sprout out of it.

Therefore wouldn’t it not be nice if instead of remaining in the seat of the observer, consuming the new world we just discovered trough the plants.We truly start implementing and celebrate our energy by participating in this play called life. Learning and implementing amazing tools that help us set up the perfect set and setting and start manifesting everything we may ever desire. Gaining self confidence by engaging in true connections, and losing our current flight to different shortcuts that we use as our distraction from the fact that we do not pursue the things we truly desire.

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